The winners

Announcing the winner of the CIFOR-ICRAF ‘Trees, Biodiversity, Life’ Photo Competition 2022

Over thousands photos reflecting exceptional quality, diversity, creativity and passion were submitted, collectively demonstrating the stunning beauty of trees, biodiversity and life.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Our esteemed judges have reviewed every photo and selected the first and second place winners. Meanwhile, over 4671 of you voted for your favorite photos.

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to our nominees and everyone who submitted a photo or cast a vote. The CIFOR-ICRAF wishes to express its gratitude, to all of the judges of the 2022 CIFOR-ICRAF photo competition

Axel Fassio

Axel Fassio is an award-winning Italian photographer who possesses an original vision and acute aesthetic sense; his photos narrate stories, illustrate concepts and revel in the sheer beauty of one moment. Working worldwide with corporate clients, scientific research institutes and international humanitarian organizations, his images have been the focus of several exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, and feature on a wide range of medias, from Conde Nast to National Geographic, from The Guardian to The New York Times and on travel guides spanning from Lonely Planet to Wallpaper.

Aris Sanjaya

Aris is CIFOR-ICRAF’s photo and video leader who has genuine passion for photography and documentary filmmaking. He believes a good photograph is one that tells a story. Aris’ images are featured in several events for international organizations around the world.

Sheila Murithi

Sheila Murithi is a branding and communications professional with over 10 years’ experience in both the private and international NGO sectors. She has an avid interest in photography and has served in various capacities in her local photography community over the years. As a branding expert, she believes that the best brands are built by great stories which are best expressed visually.

Perdana Putra

Putra is a visual communicator with more than 8 years’ experience in the development sector, passionate about nature photography, aerial photography, and architecture. Based in Indonesia, he has curated photographs of great nature photographers from around the world. As Imogen Cunningham said, the formula for doing a good job in photography is to think like a poet.