Making agroforestry work for smallholder farmers

The three-year Making Agroforestry Work for Smallholder Farmers project was a continuation of the Making Carbon Finance Work for Rural Poverty Reduction project funded by Comart Foundation since May 2008. After starting to collaborate with the Coady International Institute, the funder encouraged replacing the previous food-for-work approach with an asset-based community-driven development (ABCD) approach.

This project’s main objective was to improve agroforestry knowledge and land management practices in selected watersheds in the Nyando River Basin while focusing on climate change. The project assessed how previous and new interventions are helping farmers become more climate resilient; tested how the Coady Institute ABCD and producer-led value chain analysis tools are changing farmers’ attitudes and institutions; and assessed the economic and environmental benefits of the interventions.

Project timeframe: 2011–2014

Countries: Middle and Lower Nyando Blocks in the River Nyando Basin, Kisumu and Kericho counties, Kenya


Comart Foundation, Coady International Institute