CIFOR-ICRAF 2020–2030

The CIFOR-ICRAF 2020–2030 Strategy reflects both the confidence we feel in the relevance of our approach and our urgency to accelerate the radical transformation that is so badly needed. We provide actionable, game-changing solutions to five major global challenges:

  • Deforestation and biodiversity loss
  • A climate in crisis
  • Transforming food systems
  • Unsustainable supply and value chains
  • Extreme inequality

Our approach to solving these challenges includes three innovations that will deliver game-changing solutions in response to global and national challenges and opportunities:

  • Transformative Partnership Platforms – alliances focused on critically important challenges
  • Engagement Landscapes – geographic locations where we carry out concentrated, long-term transformative work with diverse and committed partners
  • Flagship Products – initiatives that provide action-oriented insights into key global issues

Supported by our new institutional structure, our long-established partnerships and the diverse skills of our more than 700 staff, we provide actionable solutions to address local challenges and opportunities while solving global problems.