Transformative Partnership Platform


Agroecology for resilient livelihoods and landscapes

Agroecology comprises the science, practice and social movements striving to transform food systems to become more sustainable and equitable. Agroecological principles address the interrelated challenges of hunger, degradation of land and water resources, climate change and biodiversity loss associated with how we currently produce, process, store, transport and sell food. They use ecological processes and biodiversity rather than environmentally disruptive chemicals applied to monocultures, integrate livestock with crops, and foster fair and inclusive trade and governance of natural resources.

The Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP) on agroecology convenes a broad partnership to address knowledge and implementation gaps constraining agroecological transitions. It provides evidence to underpin advocacy and inform policymakers about how to successfully implement agroecological approaches.

The partnership works in new ways, bringing together research and development, science and social movements, and local and scientific knowledge through transdisciplinary science. The TPP web platform on GLFx is a thriving, inclusive and diverse community of practice that works towards these aims.

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