Annual Report

Global Landscapes Forum

Democratizing knowledge and learning. GLF is building a community that co-produces knowledge and learning experiences across geographies, positions and perspectives. Through the Landscape Academy and its Restoration Education Initiative, more than 250 young professionals, community members and practitioners participated in dedicated blended learning courses on multistakeholder collaborations in landscapes and ecopreneurship for landscape restoration.

Pioneering local action and youth leadership. The Youth in Landscapes Initiative is growing a global movement of 60,000 young people in 160 countries. The third edition of the Restoration Stewards programme funds and highlights the work of seven youth-led restoration projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The 20+ community-led GLFx chapters foster action on the ground, community mobilization, and knowledge sharing worldwide.

Connecting private investors with communities. The GLF hosts the world’s only forum on sustainable finance in the Global South, supported by the GLF-Luxembourg Finance for Nature Platform.

Catalysing transformative change. Through its events, campaigns, connections with communities, local changemakers, and large multilateral donors, the GLF is scaling local solutions, building bridges and giving voice to those at the frontline of climate, environmental, social and health crises. Altogether the GLF has reached 1.7 billion people.

Events and campaigns

Funding partners

Resilient Landscapes – A private sector facing arm of CIFOR-ICRAF

Resilient Landscapes (RL) is an innovative venture created by CIFOR-ICRAF that serves as an impact-driven bridge between science and business, finance, governments and civil society. Through science-empowered project designs in forest and agroforestry landscapes and across nature-based supply chains, RL connects players of the Nature-based Solutions (NbS) ecosystem in action. The execution of such designs links the private sector with key areas of CIFOR-ICRAF’s expertise. RL is committed to project-lifetime partnerships, sharing risks with selected investors, and enabling them to increase their long-term ambition and impact performance. It also aims to unleash a pool of ‘home-grown’ NbS projects born from CIFOR-ICRAF’s substantial research database and partner network spread across more than 60 countries over the last 40 years.

“Transparent data-driven Nature-based Solutions (NbS) can unlock and channel billions in investment.”
Nitin Sukh Investment and Impact Director, Resilient Landscapes

In 2022, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development (MECSD) of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (GDL), in partnership with CIFOR-ICRAF, launched an initiative around RL with the goal of bolstering NbS finance while directly benefiting from CIFOR-ICRAF science. The partnership, presented during the UN Biodiversity Summit in Montreal, Canada, will commence in 2023, catalysing investments in NbS from the private sector and financial institutions, while facilitating results-driven action across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“The Luxembourg partnership will focus on connecting public action and private investment, while seizing regenerative project opportunities that create social, environmental, and economic value in supportive jurisdictions.”
Nevena Bakalar Engagement and Partnerships Director, Resilient Landscapes
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