Celebrating the 30 Anniversary of the Center for International Forestry Research

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

CIFOR’s 30th year of operation was celebrated with esteemed colleagues and partners on the CIFOR-ICRAF campus in Bogor Indonesia.  The event was an opportunity to look back at CIFOR’S many accomplishments over the past three decades and a look forward to ambitious plans in the coming years as CIFOR-ICRAF in collaboration with the Government of Indonesia and other partners. 

The event was hosted by the CIFOR-ICRAF Common Board of Trustees, including Board Chair Doris Capistrano as well as our new Chief Executive Officer of CIFOR-ICRAF and Director General of ICRAF Éliane Ubalijoro, and Chief Operating Officer of CIFOR-ICRAF and Director General of CIFOR Robert Nasi. We were honored to be joined by representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Research and Innovation Agency and the Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia.  Also among the attendees were representatives from CIFOR’s founding member countries, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States of America as well as other key partner countries and organizations based in Indonesia.


CIFOR-ICRAF harnesses the power of trees, forests, and agroforestry landscapes to address the most pressing global challenges of our time – biodiversity loss, climate change, food security, livelihoods and inequity. It has partnerships in 64 countries, 159 funding partners and 192 active projects, alongside more than 2,200 completed projects across 92 nations. The organisation has an annual budget of USD 100 million, and a combined legacy investment of USD 2 billion in research and technology, policy and development. On average, CIFOR-ICRAF research is cited nearly 137 times a day and appears in global media more than 3,000 times per year. The Center for International Forestry (CIFOR) and World Agroforestry (ICRAF) merged in 2019.

CIFOR was established as an international organisation with sponsorship by Australia, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. It has been based in Indonesia since a 1993 Presidential Decree ratified the host country agreement.

Our work in Indonesia

CIFOR is honored with a 30-year history of research and collaboration in Indonesia. The organisation works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, as well as with the Ministry for National Development Planning (Bappenas), provincial and local governments, communities, non- governmental organisations, universities and the private sector. CIFOR-ICRAF supports Indonesia to meet its commitments to agreements such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, Nationally Determined Contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the Bonn Challenge. As a host country to the organisation, Indonesia holds a seat on the Board of Trustees and helps guide CIFOR-ICRAF’s work on issues critical to sustainable national development, including landscape restoration, climate change action, reducing forest degradation and more.

This is a multi-faceted challenge. No country is able to overcome this crisis alone, so we must implement sustainable development together.”

Siti Nurbaya
Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry, speaking at Global Landscapes Forum Bonn Digital Conference 2020


million USD total research investments inIndonesia (1993-2022)*


projects in Indonesia (2002-2022)


publications (1993-2022)

*Includes some projects that operate in multiple countries, including Indonesia.