Our actions to address the climate change challenges


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Impacts on the ground

Climate-resilient economy

Ecosystem-based adaptation: climate-resilient, natural resource-based economy for Africa


Co-existence of natural conservation and economic growth is proving possible in Gambia, serving as a model for the rest of the continent. Rural Gambian communities are benefiting from a climate-resilient economy in which nature lies at the core.

Impacts on the ground

Research tool

Access maps and data on wetlands, peatlands and carbon stocks. Visitors can freely access and explore maps and profiles at country and sub-national levels, as well as download data for further analysis.

Impacts on the ground


Bio- and renewable energy: various countries in the Global South


CIFOR-ICRAF is harnessing renewable energy by exploring bioenergy sources for food production and environmental conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Impacts on the ground

Innovative solution: Bioeconomy TPP


Our Transformative Partnership Platform is leveraging multi-sectoral collaboration to create bioeconomy solutions for reducing emissions, conserving biodiversity and creating equitable jobs and prosperity globally.

Research on biomass to address energy poverty for refugees in Africa:



Congoflux: A new facility in Yangambi to study the Congo Basin forests



Impacts on the ground

Climate-smart agriculture

DryDev: climate-smart agriculture in Africa


DryDev is an example of a successful case of dryland restoration through innovative climate-smart agriculture, showcasing how multiple stakeholders can join forces to achieve more than the sum of the parts.

Research outputs

Video: The Drylands Development Programme in Kenya



Impacts on the ground