Work packages

Work packages

WP 1 – Participatory Action Research (PAR)

PAR activities consist of: reflecting on the first loop in Bengkalis District and collecting baseline data for the second loop in Siak; developing community-based business and fire prevention models, strengthening fire concern communities (MPAs), monitoring peatland water levels and disseminating toolboxes; taking action at the village level in Kayu Ara Permai and Penyengat and maintaining action arenas in Dompas and Bengkalis; and monitoring actions using the CO-PROMISE (Community-based Peatland Restoration Monitoring System). This PAR process will lead to a published document and training materials.

WP 2 – Knowledge management and sharing

CIFOR and partners will conduct literature reviews on peatlands and fire prevention in Riau, Indonesia and across the ASEAN region. The project will further stimulate co-learning from existing efforts and projects in Riau and beyond. We will capture lessons from both closed and ongoing projects for incorporation in publications and training materials.

WP3 – Capacity building (fire prevention toolbox and training for trainers)

The tools developed in WP1-2 will be incorporated in a Community-based Fire Prevention Toolbox. They will then be disseminated through training for trainers targeted at local/sectoral/central government officials, NGOs/CSOs, private sector companies, communities, academics and researchers, as well as other non-state actors.

WP4 – Outreach to and engagement with policymakers and stakeholders

We will conduct outreach and engage with government, private sector and other non-state actor programmes and initiatives, while expecting communities to secure further support and business relations. Governments can use the toolbox to support their work and programmes. Private sector companies can act as off-takers for community businesses and help disseminate products and services to communities. These links will help maintain and sustain project outcomes.