Work packages and methods

Work packages and methods

Work Package 1: Participatory Action Research (PAR)

CIFOR-ICRAF Indonesia and partners will undertake Participatory Action Research (PAR) on locally accepted and sustainable business models, which will eventually allow communities to generate sustainable income from mangrove restoration.

Work Package 2: Local Policy

The research team’s work on PAR will be further reinforced by policy recommendations, data, tools and capacity-building provided to relevant stakeholders (local communities, NGOs and government agencies), supporting them to establish policies, regulatory frameworks and incentive mechanisms that foster mangrove restoration through the establishment of sustainable business models for integration into local planning and mangrove management.

Work Package 3: National and International Platform

The research will be supported by communication and outreach activities aimed at ensuring new ways of working with communities for further promotion by government agencies and NGOs (e.g., the World Mangrove Center) through national, regional and international platforms.

Work Package 4: Project Management

This work package will include general management of the project and event organizing such as stakeholder consultation event (e.g. kick-off meeting, annual meeting, workshops).