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CIFOR–ICRAF addresses local challenges and opportunities while providing solutions to global problems for forests, landscapes, people and the planet.

We deliver actionable evidence and solutions to transform how land is used and how food is produced: conserving and restoring ecosystems, responding to the global climate, malnutrition, biodiversity and desertification crises. In short, improving people’s lives.

8th Annual Meeting on Forests and Livelihoods

Forests & Livelihoods in a New Era of International Commitments: The Promise & Challenge of Implementation

The 8th Annual Meeting on Forests and Livelihoods brings together stakeholders working to advance knowledge at the intersection of forests and livelihoods and enable its application to policy and practice. Join the meeting to gain knowledge around leading-edge research and developments on forests and livelihoods globally.

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Anne Larson

Team Leader, Governance, equity and well-being, CIFOR-ICRAF

Juan Pablo Sarmiento Barletti

Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF

Iliana Monterroso


Kristen Evans


Dietmar Stoian

Lead Scientist, Value Chains, Private Sector Engagement and Investments, CIFOR-ICRAF

Valentina Robiglio

Senior land use systems scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF

Mulia Nurhasan

Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF

James Reed

Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF

Amy Ickowitz

Senior Scientist, CIFOR-ICRAF

Pham Thu Thuy

Team Leader, Climate Change, Energy and Low-carbon Development, CIFOR-ICRAF

Aoife Bennett


Gabriela Demarchi


Freddie Siangulube