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Africa Climate Week


Unlocking transformative adaptation and long-term resilience through cross-border collaboration

This session builds on discussions around Africa’s vision for transformative adaptation and long-term resilience and what it would take to achieve that vision. It examines the challenges and opportunities for cross-border collaboration in pursuit of transformative adaptation and long-term resilience. 

Specifically, discussions in this session will examine lessons and best practices from some of Africa’s flagship mechanisms promoting collaborative management of ecosystems and resources, such as the Great Green Wall and Blue Wall. Further, the session will elaborate on how cross-border partnerships can address the compounding effects of climate change toward fragility, displacement, and conflict.

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Éliane Ubalijoro

Chief Executive Officer, CIFOR-ICRAF
Director General, ICRAF

H.E Ambassador Imam Abdillah

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Comoros

Gabriel Kpaka

Chair, Least Developed Countries Expert Group

Nassim Oulmane

Acting Director Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Division, UN Economic Commission for Africa

Stefan Schmitz

Executive Director, Crop Trust

Sylvester Anthony Matemu

Executive Director, Nile Basin Initiative

Catherine Wiesner

Head of External Engagement, UNHCR Regional Bureau for East, Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes

Elvine Mayaka

Climate Expert, UNDP Resilience Hub for Africa

Elvis Paul Tangem

Coordinator, Great Green Wall Initiative