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CIFOR-ICRAF at the GLF Amazonia Digital Conference

CIFOR-ICRAF at the GLF Amazonia Digital Conference

THE TIPPING POINT: Solutions from the Inside Out

21 Sep - 23 Sep 2021

Facilitating Spaces for Gender Responsive Conservation: Women’s Solutions from the Amazon

This session reports preliminary lessons learned from gender inclusive initiatives that have increased women’s participation in conservation and development in the Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian Amazon. These cases cover a diverse collection of indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant women from across the region. The session will facilitate a discussion of findings from multiple grassroots efforts where women increased participation in natural resource decision making, gained more secure access to natural resources, or improved benefits from natural resource management. The goal will be to gain feedback from a regional audience to synthesize widely applicable lessons for others.


Francisca Dionéia Ferreira

Socio-environmental researcher and activist

Marcos Alexandre

Leaders, Teçume da Floresta group

Maria Alexandre

Community leader, Teçume da Floresta group

Peter Cronkleton

Senior scientist, governance, CIFOR-ICRAF

Maria Da Paz

Brazilian community leader, Civil society

Deborah Delgado

Associate professor and researcher, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Erika Tatiana Fajardo Martinez

Young researcher and activist, ADISPA

Anne Larson

Team Leader, Equal Opportunities, Gender Justice & Tenure, CIFOR-ICRAF

Iliana Monterroso

Scientist, Gender coordinator (CIFOR-ICRAF)

Heidy Pereyra

Community leader and Brazil nut entrepreneur, ASCART

Daniel Alberto Sumalavia Casuso

Consultant - Amazon Sustainable Landscape Program, World Bank Group