30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

High-level dialogue of the collaborative partnership on forests: Scaling up actions to turn the tide on deforestation (tbc)

The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), consisting of 16 international organizations, is spearheading the efforts to halt deforestation globally. During the CPF Dialogue at the UNFCCC COP26, the CPF announced the launch of the CPF Joint Initiative on Turning the Tide on Deforestation, and shared update on its status at COP27.

The High-level Dialogue will provide an opportunity for the leaders of the UN agencies and other CPF members to share their perspectives and outline their individual and joint actions to accelerate efforts in turning the tide on deforestation and implementing the CPF Joint Call to Action launched during the CPF High-level Event in September 2023. The dialogue will also serve to identify next steps to be taken to realize enhanced ambitions of the CPF, including through preparations for the midterm review of the International Arrangement on Forests in 2024.

Principals of the participating CPF member organizations will address the event as panelists in response to the following guiding questions:

  1. What needs to change to tap into the full potential of forests to address and combat climate crisis?
  2. What are the top priorities for the CPF and its member organizations to scale up efforts to turn the tide on deforestation, building on the outcome of the 2023 SDG Summit and in preparation for the midterm review of the International Arrangement on Forests in 2024?
  3. How can the CPF assist countries more effectively in enhancing their ambitions and realizing them to attain the global forest goals and targets?