CIFOR–ICRAF publishes over 750 publications every year on agroforestry, forests and climate change, landscape restoration, rights, forest policy and much more – in multiple languages.

CIFOR–ICRAF addresses local challenges and opportunities while providing solutions to global problems for forests, landscapes, people and the planet.

We deliver actionable evidence and solutions to transform how land is used and how food is produced: conserving and restoring ecosystems, responding to the global climate, malnutrition, biodiversity and desertification crises. In short, improving people’s lives.


Partner Day

Join us for Partner Day, a flagship event highlighting CIFOR-ICRAF’s commitment to applying scientific research and evidence to tropical forest and agroforestry preservation and conservation.

This day will focus on science research collaboration and technology, and how Indonesia and CIFOR-ICRAF scientists can play a greater role in sustainable forest and agroforestry management and policy issues. Specifically, the aims of the event are to strengthen existing partnerships and identify possible collaborative activities with new partners. In doing so, it will:

  • Highlight CIFOR-ICRAF’s successful cooperation at international fora in promoting a vision of sustainability for tropical forests, agroforestry and landscapes;
  • Share, showcase and reflect on the results and achievements of collaboration between CIFOR-ICRAF and its partners;
  • Share CIFOR-ICRAF insights and research opportunities alongside research partners and the sector’s key decision makers;
  • Enable CIFOR-ICRAF to share and promote relevant research findings, including global cooperation in forest-related research, sustainable use of tropical forests, and agroforestry;
  • Enhance the importance of working closely with research institutions, academia and universities nationally, regionally and internationally to strengthen forestry research capacity in Indonesia;
  • Ensure tangible contributions towards efforts to maintain the well-being of the world’s tropical forests and agroforestry, while ensuring the livelihoods of people who depend on them.