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Advancing Sustainable Transformation

14 - 16 June, Online, 09:00 - 16.00 CET

Session 35: Agroforestry, Livelihoods and Resilience: How to translate research into policy and practice at scale (SDG 15, 2)

Chairs: Pierre Chopin; A. Sigrun Dahlin; Elisabeth Simelton; Ingrid Öborn

This session will showcase the role of agroforestry and agroforestry research and how it can advance sustainable transformation of rural livelihoods and landscapes

  1. Taking grassroot agroforestry research from small scale into local and national policy - the AFLI project in northwest Vietnam, La Nguyen & Nguyen Mai Phoung, ICRAF Vietnam;
  2. Practitioners scaling agroforestry in the Lake Victoria region, Wangu Mutua, Vi Agroforestry
  3. Developing a national agroforestry policy – experiences from India and Nepal, Javed Rizvi, ICRAF South Asia

Creating enabling environments via developing regional policy and starting national roadmaps – insights from the preparation of the ASEAN Guidelines for Agroforestry Development, Delia Catacutan, ICRAF Southeast Asia

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La Nguyen


Nguyen Mai Phoung


Wangu Mutua

Vi Agroforestry

Javed Rizvi

Director, Asia, CIFOR-ICRAF
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