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2 September 2021
A CIFOR-ICRAF event with the Global Landscapes Forum supported by the CGIAR Research Program on Forests Trees and Agroforestry

Our world is in crisis

Our world is in crisis. The evidence is clear: humans are the cause. From climate change to biodiversity loss, to land degradation and inequalities, our actions are putting life on earth at risk.

Yet the good news is this: since humans are the cause, then surely we can fix it. Just how we’ll do this was the focus of a digital event on 2 September 2021, as CIFOR-ICRAF and partners presented solutions to tackle the food system crisis.

Nature-positive solutions, based on science, can diversify our food systems, improve their sustainability and increase equitable access to the nutrient-rich food that supports health and wellbeing. Only by ensuring the benefits are fairly shared with everyone can we also ensure that our landscapes are now, and remain, productive.

Smallholder agriculture, Indigenous Peoples, local communities, youth and women play a crucial role in the transition to nature-positive solutions for food production.

Coalition for Landscape-based Engagement, Adaptation and Resilience

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