Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2022

Sustainable Land Use: Food Security Starts with the Soil

More than 90 percent of global food production depends on soil. It provides habitats for soil organisms and is the most important terrestrial carbon sink on earth. However, fertile land is being lost to agriculture and the quality of soils is increasingly deteriorating in many areas.

This development must be halted by using land resources sustainably and preserving existing agricultural land. Farmers must also be granted long-term and secure access to agricultural land through ownership, tenancy and use rights in order to enable them to use land sustainably. Only in doing so will we be able to feed the growing world population, stop climate change, and reduce the loss of biodiversity. There is an urgent need for the international community to develop and implement viable and practical solutions.

The 2022 GFFA is to provide key impetus to this end and promote international exchange. The four core questions will be:

  • How can we improve soil protection?
  • How can we restore degraded soils?
  • How can we make the use of finite land resources more sustainable?
  • How can farmers worldwide get fair access to land?