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Improving the forest carbon market confidence with quality blue carbon credits

Improving the forest carbon market confidence with quality blue carbon credits

11 May 2023, 14:00 - 15:30, Sheikh Zayed Centre

The annual GFOI Plenary brings together the global community of practitioners who support tropical countries in forest monitoring and associated emissions Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) procedures.


Coastal “blue carbon” ecosystems provide a natural climate solution by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the loss and degradation of such habitats, and by restoration, to increase carbon dioxide drawdown and its long-term storage. Mangrove reforestation provides greater blue carbon benefit than afforestation for mitigating global climate change. Moreover, it also provides incomes for local livelihood and increase both landscape and people resilience. While Blue carbon is gaining increasing attraction at both global and national level, less is known about how private sector’s confidence in investing in this market and how blue carbon project can deliver both environmental and social justice.

This section brings policy makers, practitioners, academia, and private sector to reflect on opportunities and challenges for high quality blue carbon market and what can be done to improve private sector’s confidence in this market. The panelists will share insightful on-ground experiences on regulatory framework, market opportunities and constraints, technical sound and rigorous methods and solutions, as well as benefit sharing mechanism required to achieve both climate and social justice. Audiences can also interact and discuss with panelists on  best practice of mangrove restoration models for their scaling up. evidence and attract investors.

The overall objective of this side event is to provide policy makers and practitioners with tools, information and analysis  on to design and implement effective, efficient and equitable blue carbon project. The discussion and networking during this event are expected to provide useful inputs for future design and implementation of blue carbon market. It also aims to foster knowledge sharing and networking and amongst community of practice who are concerned with the long-term services of mangrove blue carbon ecosystems.

The event will take the form of Panel Discussion. The moderator will begin the session by describing the scope and objectives of the session.  Before inviting each panel member to respond, he will challenge with three questions to address. Q&A session will follow to allow the audience (online and onsite) to share their concerns.

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Meeting ID: 985 9116 1211
Passcode: 77931189

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  • Blue carbon – status, outlook and challenges; rationale and objectives of the session – Daniel Murdiyarso – CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Panel discussion:
    • Priorities in mangrove rehabilitation program in Indonesia – Noviar, Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency, Indonesia
    • High-resolution satellite imagery to identify restoration area – Pablo Martin, FAO, Italy
    • Financing nature-based climate solutions – Melissa Abederrahim, IUCN, Germany
    • How biodiversity fits mangrove blue carbon restoration program – Tim Coles-, Re-PLANET, UK
    • Transformative mangrove governance for climate, nature and people – Pham Thu Thuy, CIFOR-ICRAF
  • Plenary discussion
  • Key messages and wrap up – Daniel Murdiyarso  – CIFOR- ICRAF