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Prospects for achieving equitable food systems through agroecology

An Agroecology Theme Day under the framework of the Science Summit at the 78th United Nations General Assembly

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Far from many SDG targets being on course to be met, hunger, biodiversity loss and inequality are accelerating while prospects for limiting climate change to manageable consequences are fast diminishing. In this context, it is increasingly clear that there is a need for integrated systemic actions rather than trying to tackle one issue at a time. Agroecological transitions do this by maintaining a focus on improving food security and nutrition equitably, alongside stemming and reversing biodiversity loss, degradation of land and water resources; and, both mitigating and adapting to climate change.

From the agricultural research for development standpoint, the importance of a paradigm shift towards more systemic, transdisciplinary approaches has been repeatedly stressed. This shift needs to be coupled with local, national and global enabling policy frameworks conducive to the widespread uptake of agroecological transitions, unlocking finance for agroecological research and development that is in proportion with its potential to address global challenges. Improving access to scientific evidence around agroecological transitions by the global community is vital for scaling evidence-based approaches to food systems transformation, highlighting the importance of the agroecological principle of co-creation and sharing of knowledge.

Organized by the Agroecology Coalition and The Transformative Partnership Platform on Agroecology under the framework of the Science Summit at UNGA 78, this agroecology theme day aims at addressing the above key issues through a series of panel and roundtable discussions with the final objective to co-develop draft recommendations as input to the 2024 Summit of the Future in an inclusive manner. This event will build on the UN Food Systems Summit Stock-taking Moment in Rome, July 2023 and inform the conversation at COP28 in UAE, November/December 2023.

Through interactive and roundtable discussions we will explore progress in science, policy and practice required to effect agroecological transitions, addressing multiple SDGs at the same time.

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For more info: agroecology-tpp@cifor-icraf.org; secretariat@agroecology-coalition.org



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