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Status of research on Moringa oleifera: genetic variation, genomic resources and the future

Building global collaboration in advanced improvement & breeding for sustainable Moringa production

Moringa oleifera or drum stick tree is valued around the world for its nutritional value and the potential it holds for supplementing diets. A high proportion of Africa and Asia’s population, mainly women and children, suffer from nutrition-related health issues. As it is rich in various minerals, vitamins, and health promoting compounds and is easily cultivated, Moringa has many benefits and could be a sustainable addition to diets that can be locally sourced and even sold to support livelihood of farmers. A growing interest in this tree in recent years has created global awareness which has led to development of advanced research resources including a sequenced genome, a database of global genetic diversity, and new international partnerships. This event will gather global experts on Moringa genomics, breeding, biodiversity, and nutrition to present and discuss the latest research and identify critical knowledge gaps.