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TEDx Kisumu: How can we make a difference? Innovating for Climate-Conscious Cities

We Can Regreen Africa

Almost two-thirds of the agricultural land in Africa is degraded, which means that the land cannot produce enough food and has a reduced capacity to hold water and support life. The productivity of our agricultural lands impacts our cities in many ways, including providing food. Climate change, with longer dry periods and heavier rainfall events, will impact our land and we need to build resilience, or the capacity to bounce back. There are many emerging examples of how we can restore land and bring prosperity to the community, including Regreening Africa, which worked across eight sub-Saharan countries and aimed to restore 1 million hectares of land and benefit over 500,000 households by integrating trees, regenerating soil and supporting enterprises and policies. This TEDx Kisumu session by CIFOR-ICRAF scientist Mieke Bourne will share the story of what the project started and how to continue this work.

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Mieke Bourne

Programme Manager, Regreening Africa, CIFOR-ICRAF