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Public Policy to Support Landscape Partnerships: Strategic government actions to scale local solutions for drought and landscape restoration

Major policy initiatives and strategies have been launched globally to address crises related to land including food and water insecurity, climate change, land degradation, biodiversity loss, COVID-19 and poverty. Due to weak coordination, it has been difficult to implement these into practical actions on the ground. these initiatives hait has been difficult to implement these on the ground due to weak coordination.

Landscape partnerships are well-placed to address this challenge decause of their scale of action, knowledge of local condidtionas to address cross-sector synergies and trade-offs. To work effectively, these partnerships require much stronger policy and institutional support.

This side event will share results from a policy brief, produced by EcoAgriculture Partners, GALLOP initiative, Columbia and Cornell universities, on national policies and services needed to support landscape partnerships. Recommendations of the White Paper reflect broad global consultations with landscape leaders and experts. The session will inform policy discussions at the UNCCD COP15 on meeting national targets for land degradation neutrality and addressing threats of drought.

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Mieke Bourne

Programme Manager, Regreening Africa, CIFOR-ICRAF