Virtual Regional Expert Consultation on Agroforestry for Environmental Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods of Farmers in Asia-Pacific

Agroforestry contributes towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on hunger, climate, life on land, poverty, gender equity and social inclusion. Despite its potential for driving sustainable development and enhanced income benefits, agroforestry continues to face a range of technical, functional, policy, legal and institutional challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region. To realize the full potential of agroforestry, there is an urgent need to review the innovative strategies and lessons learnt for scaling-up the investment and monitoring platforms in agroforestry sector and adopting it at a higher scale by the smallholder farmers, especially women farmers in this region.

The objective of this expert consultation is to enlighten the stakeholders and prioritize regional needs for mainstreaming agroforestry, especially to achieve SDGs.

The Regional Expert Consultation will provide a platform to broaden the scope and understanding on agroforestry, learn and share from regional experiences on the advance technologies, tools and platforms to mainstream agroforestry and explore regional collaboration /cooperation on agroforestry priority areas for sustainable development in Asia-Pacific region.