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XV World Forestry Congress

Building a Green, Healthy and Resilient Future with Forests


Sustainable woodfuel management in multifunctional landscapes

This side event will be a dynamic and informative exchange on options for woodfuel management and collaboration within wider forest-agricultural landscapes. Considering the high demand for woodfuel in most sub-Saharan countries, its management requires solutions beyond forest boundaries, with wood being sourced from different wood production systems, and value chains affecting various sectors (including agriculture, energy and health).

Sustainable woodfuel management can contribute to improved natural resources management both locally and nationally, while providing producers with additional income and urban citizens with a stable and affordable source of energy for daily cooking. On a global level, these practices contribute to pledges for a green, healthy and resilient future, including targets on SDGs, forests, climate mitigation, and restoration.

This side event is part of, and builds upon, a series of global events aimed at promoting exchange and visibility on evidence-based options regarding sustainable woodfuel management. Through the EU-financed “Governing Multifunctional Landscapes (GML)” project, CIFOR-ICRAF, FAO, the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF), and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) aim to contribute to developing more sustainable woodfuel value chains across sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Zambia, and Kenya – and extending to neighbouring countries through cross-border trade. Based on identification of priority areas and stakeholder needs, CIFOR-ICRAF and partners have been developing a range of options for sustainable woodfuel as part of the wider forest-agricultural landscape.

Speakers at the event will provide and reflect on new insights from options for sustainable woodfuel practices and management.

The event will be in two parts:

  • First, a range of sustainable management options currently being piloted in various sub-Saharan African countries will be presented by experts working in the field. They will use a variety of interactive communication tools such as infographics, photos, and videos to help the audience gain a solid understanding of the interventions and ensure a dynamic event.
  • Second, a panel discussion will be held on perspectives for sustainable woodfuel management in sub-Saharan Africa. Members of the panel represent different stakeholders to simultaneously introduce various stakes in the topic matter and demonstrate areas for dialogue and collaboration.

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