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Perú: Una plataforma científico-política para un REDD+ eficaz, eficiente y equitativo

Dissecting multi-stakeholder forums and how they shape forest governance

Una nueva herramienta para incorporar la igualdad en las estrategias de gestión del paisaje

New tool embeds equality into landscape management strategies in Peruvian Amazon

Considering context in participatory forest landscape initiatives

Collaborating for the Commons

Governing our “greater good” in challenging times

Global climate action is nothing without local backing

Recognition of indigenous territories as a REDD+ strategy: An example from the Peruvian Amazon

When rights to land doesn’t mean rights to resources

REDD+ benefits: Men want cash, women want development

Benefits do not always equal cash

Science sisters of the Amazon

Honeymoon' over, REDD+ struggles with politics and power

Cazadores, recolectores y roles de género