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World Economic Fruit Tree Species

A list of 688 fruit taxa that was downloaded on 18 June 2020 from GRIN-global for World Economic Plants in the database for the query: family = 'all families' & native country = 'all countries' & economic uses: Human food = ''as fruit'. Plant names were standardized via the WorldFlora package (version 1.6; Kindt 2020) with the World Flora Online Taxonomic Backbone version 2019.05. A species list was created from the genus and species names of the matched taxonomic name. From this list, a list of 404 fruit tree species that was derived by matching species names with the GlobalTreeSearch (GTS) database (version 1.3; Beech et al. 2017). Continents where species are native follow the World Geographic Scheme of Recording Plant Distributions (WGSRPD). Countries listed in GTS were matched with continents of the WGSRPD by using country-continent allocations available from Kindt 2020. Listing in USDA Food Composition Databases and Global Invasive Species Database were obtained from the Agroforestry Species Switchboard. Listing in FAO crop statistics was inferred from World Yield Data for 2018, downloaded in March 2020.

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Kindt, Roeland

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