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Intercropping of Zingiber officinale Var. Amarum on teak silviculture in Karangduwet, Paliyan, Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

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This research aims to evaluate the influence of silvicultural technique (combination between singling and teak pruning) and ginger fertilizing in agroforestry plants productivity. Factorial random complete block design was used as experimental design, using three factors, that are teak pruning intensity, teak singling, and ginger fertilizing. Pruning intensity were P0 (without pruning) and P1 (60% pruning intensity), singling were S0 (without singling) and S1 (singling of teak coppice), and fertilizer intensity were J0 (without fertilizer) and J1 (5 ton/Ha of compost + 525 kg/ha of NPK). The research was conducted in teak private forest in Karangduwet, Paliyan, Gunung Kidul. The applied silvicultural technique system was clear cutting with coppice/sprout regeneration. Teak trees were the result of teak coppice in 2009 (6 years old). Result showed that singling gave significant influence to teak diameter growth (1.67 cm/1.5 year), while fertilizer gave significant influence to teak diameter (1.71 cm/1.5 year) and height growth (1.16 m/1.5 year). Moreover, teak pruning and ginger fertilizing gave significant influence to the resulted ginger wet weight. In this research, best ginger production (121.53 gram/clump) was found in the application of fertilizer combined with intercropping of pruned teak.

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