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Multi-stakeholder platforms for cross-border biodiversity conservation and landscape governance in East Africa: Perspectives and outlook

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This working paper considers the role of multi-stakeholder platforms (MSP) for cross-border biodiversity conservation and landscape governance in East Africa. This paper draws on the MSP literature to assess the challenges and opportunities of using MSPs for managing terrestrial biodiversity resources in transboundary landscapes. Specifically, institutional linkages are investigated alongside success factors for MSP implementation and outcomes through five case examples. We find MSPs to be critical engagement tools in enhancing the fit between institutions and ecosystems that span multiple jurisdictions and sectors. However, we also note several challenges that limit their performance. The analysis suggests the following conditions to support the effectiveness of MSPs: 1) institutional linkages at all levels; 2) skilled facilitation and willingness of stakeholders to share power; 3) strong science-policy linkages; and 4) equitable and sustainable financing mechanisms. While MSPs may help promote species protection in areas devoid of collaborative decision-making processes, there remain research gaps related to the optimal governance structures for, and monitoring and evaluation of MSPs. Addressing these gaps will be fruitful to curb the extinction crisis in the sub-region and beyond.

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    Lin, T.; Catacutan, D.; Malesu, M.




    stakeholders, biodiversity conservation, landscape conservation, governance


    Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia

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