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Mycosphere notes 325-344 – Novel species and records of fungal taxa from around the world

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Fungi have a worldwide distribution, however, less than 10% of the estimated species have been described. This paper introduces Neolentithecia (Lentitheciaceae) as a new genus, 18 new species and one new host record based on morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analyses. The new species are Cantharellus hongneungensis (Hydnaceae), Cronartium armandii (Cronartiaceae), Dictyocephalos xinjiangensis (Phelloriniaceae), Distoseptispora chinensis, Distoseptispora guizhouensis (Distoseptisporaceae), Halobyssothecium thailandica, Neolentithecia changchunensis (Lentitheciaceae), Herpotrichia xiaokongense (Melanommataceae), Hymenopleella agaves, Synnemapestaloides shangrilaensis (Sporocadaceae), Hypsostroma thailandicum (Hypsostromataceae), Mucor phayaoensis, Mucor takensis (Mucoraceae), Neospadicoides bambusicola (Xenospadicoidaceae), Phellorinia longistriatica (Phelloriniaceae), Pseudocapulatispora fragrantis (Lophiostomataceae) and Tarzetta linzhiensis and Tarzetta confusa (Tarzettaceae). Additionally, a new host record is provided for Phragmocephala garethjonesii (Pleurotheciaceae). All taxa are described and illustrated. Trees are presented to show their phylogenetic placements.

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