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Agroforestri di Mata Petani: Studi Kasus di Sumatra dan Sulawesi

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Different with the agroforestry system in other country, where agriculture is not the basic source of income, agroforestry in Indonesia is a tree based landuse system with farmer as the main actor in its management. Thus, type and sustainability of the agroforestry system will greatly depend on farmers decision in managing the land. Hence, it would be interesting to know how exactly farmers perspective on agroforestry What are farmers preferences in utilizing agroforestry system in their livelihood And to answer those questions, qualitative analysis strengthened by secondary data was conducted to the experiences interacting directly with farmers in some action research that had and have been done by ICRAF in Bungo-Jambi, Batang Toru-North Sumatra, Bantaeng-South Sulawesi and Konawe-South East Sulawesi. From the analysis, farmers are more interesting with 3 major research topics, i.e. i) combination of multi-strata trees, ii) pest and disease management, and iii) market which is related to the price of agroforestry products. Lack of knowledge in those 3 topics will made farmers changing their agroforestry system into more monocultural system. The results of this study is useful as reference to develop agroforestri action research that can be useful for farmers in selecting best agroforestry management system that can contribute positively to the livelihood enhancement and good environmental condition.

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