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Modelling global change impacts on the soil enviroment

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The following research protocol was developed as part of the global ASB (Alternatives to slash-and-burn) project, to allow comparison of data collected in Indonesia (Lampung,Jambi), Cameroon, Brazil and Peru. The data collected can be used: - directly to assess the current C stock in above - and below- ground pools; - to extrapolate to the 'time-averaged C stock' of a land-use system; - to initialise the CENTURY (or similar) simulation model for C, N and P dynamics of the various pools of organic matter; and/or - compare biodiversity and profitability assessments with C stock data to study trade-offs among global environmental benefits and private incentives to the farmer.
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    Murdiyarso D M; Suyamto D A; Van Noordwijk M




    climatic change, environmental impact, globalization, soil fertility


    Brazil, Cameroon, Indonesia, Peru

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