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Calliandra calothyrsus: an agroforestry tree for the humid tropics

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Calliandra calothyrsus Meisn. is a small, neotropical tree that in recent years has been the focus ofsubstantial research and cultivation. While thepredominant use of C. calothyrsus is increasingly theproduction of fodder for ruminant livestock, other usesare also found within different farming systems andinclude the provision of green manure, fuelwood, shade(traditionally for coffee, but also for tea), land rehabilitation, erosion control, and honey production. The species has particular relevance in the humid tropics and on acidic soils where other agroforestry trees perform poorly. It is primarily used outside its native range, in areas where high population densityplaces pressure on limited land resources, and whereagroforestry systems are being developed to maintain and sustain agricultural production.

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    agroforestry, calliandra calothyrsus, humid tropics, provenance trials, seed production, taxonomy, trees

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