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Major pest and disease identification and management guide for mango, avocado, tamarillo and grevillea

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Increasing demand for tree products has led to wide production of exotic and native tree species in forest and agroforestry plans. Pests and diseases incidences are at the same time a growing continental crisis. Diseases spread is accelerated by climate change dynamics and implications are concerning African farmers already challenged by weak intervention capacity, fragmented ecosystems, and porous borders. Impacts may also trigger loss of biodiversity, food crisis and constrain agroforestry adaptations strategies. Field observations in parts of Rwanda and Kenya where mango, tamarillo, avocado and grevillea production is prominent, pest and disease incidence is reducing benefits of these production systems. This guide is therefore intended to provide vital information to help smallholders, extension and rural advisory services identify and mange pest and disease incidence before causing total crop failure. Major pest and diseases found in mango, tamarillo, avocado and grevillea are highlighted and possible management plans to reduce spread and losses are indicated as part of wider strategies to dealing with pest and disease break-outs.

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