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Honghemyces pterolobii, gen. et sp. nov. (Bezerromycetaceae, Tubeufiales), a new ascomycetous fungus from Pterolobium macropterum in Honghe, China

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This study introduces the new genus Honghemyces in the family Bezerromycetaceae (Tubeufiales) based on morphological features and multi-locus (ITS, LSU, SSU, tef1-α and rpb2) phylogenetic analyses. This fungus was found on dead twigs of Pterolobium macropterum (Fabaceae) during an expedition to Honghe County in China. Phylogenetically, Honghemyces and Bezerromyces are related genera in Bezerromycetaceae. Honghemyces pterolobii is morphologically characterised by the production of semi-immersed to superficial, subglobose and glabrous ascomata, clavate, short pedicellate asci with a minute ocular chamber, ellipsoidal, hyaline and three-septate ascospores and globose to subglobose chlamydospores forming a chain of a torulose-like structure.

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