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Reviews and syntheses: Soil N2O and NO emissions from land use and land use change in the tropics and subtropics

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Deforestation and forest degradation in the tropics may substantially alter soil N-oxide emissions. It is particularly relevant to accurately quantify those changes to properly account for them in a REDD+ climate change mitigation scheme that provides financial incentives to reduce the emissions. With this study we provide updated land use (LU)-based emission rates (103 studies, 387 N2O and 111 NO case studies), determine the trend and magnitude of flux changes with land-use change (LUC) using a meta-analysis approach (43 studies, 132 N2O and 37 NO cases) and evaluate biophysical drivers of N2O and NO emissions and emission changes for the tropics.

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    van Lent, J.; Hergoualc'h, K.; Verchot, L.V.




    agricultural soils, case studies, climate change, deforestation, emissions, forests, land use, meta-analysis, nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen fertilizers, nitrogen oxides, reviews, soil types, statistical analysis

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