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Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook: Innovative forestry for a sustainable future. Youth contributions from Asia and the Pacific

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This publication assembles selected papers prepared by youth from the Asia-Pacific region on innovative forest technologies and their contribution to sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management. It is part of a roadmap on innovative forest technologies in the Asia-Pacific region developed by FAO and CIFOR, lead center of the CGIAR research programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA).
According to FAO’s Third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (2019), the uptake and scaling-up of innovative forest technologies in the Asia-Pacific region has been slow and uneven. Young people have a key role to play in amending this condition. As technology enthusiasts and forest managers of the future, they are the individuals and cohorts to take leadership and generate momentum through collaboration and social media, transform rigid institutions from within, and participate in the uptake and upscaling of innovative technologies in the forest sector of the region.
This collection of papers illustrates, in various contexts, the potential of innovative technologies to advance sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management. It illustrates how technologies, both new and repurposed, can improve and facilitate monitoring and reporting; strengthen citizen engagement in forest monitoring and management; and support the optimization of processes and products for sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management.

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