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One Million Voices Global Review: A review and analysis of existing citizen science initiatives and projects supporting agroecology and agroecological transitions

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This report summarizes the results of a global review and analysis of citizen science projects supporting agroecology and agroecological transitions. The purpose of the review is to provide information on existing projects and inspire the development of a citizen science tool that enables inclusive participation in agroecology movements. The report aims to promote sustainable adoption of agroecology, fill knowledge gaps, and avoid duplication. It also contributes to four regional dialogues that were held to support the development of the One Million Voices of Agroecology digital platform.

The review used four data streams, including three citizen science platforms, a literature review, projects proposed by the One Million Voices citizen science initiative, and a Google search. The report includes 57 projects categorized into agricultural production, agroecosystems, and markets, consumption, and diets. Most projects focus on natural farming, with some addressing social justice and circular economy aspects. However, none of the projects fully encompass all aspects of agroecology, and there is a lack of accessible projects in the Global South and those focusing on elements beyond on-farm practices.

The report provides recommendations for the One Million Voices citizen science initiative. These recommendations include understanding participants’ motivations, providing benefits to participants, ensuring accessibility for diverse groups, keeping participation tasks simple, and leveraging existing networks and partnerships.


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    van Dien, L.C.; Fuchs, L.E.




    agroecology, science citizen, knowledge, development, literature reviews, agroecosystems, participation

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