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Lamproconiaceaefam. nov. to accommodate Lamproconium desmazieri

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The genus Lamproconium comprises species that are endophytes saprobes and pathogens on a wide variety of plants. This genus is currently placed in Diaporthales genera incertae sedis. Fresh specimens of Lamproconium were collected in Russia and studied to provide morphological and phylogenetic data. Phylogenetic analyses of single spore isolates generated from maximum likelihood maximum parsimony and Bayesian inference analyses using combined ITS and LSU sequence data place L. desmazieri in the order Diaporthales. Melanconis desmazieri is synonymized under Lamproconium desmazieri and Lamproconiaceae is introduced as a new family to accommodate L. desmazieri and Hercospora tiliae based on morphology and phylogenetic analyses.

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