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Agroforestry could make agriculture emissions-neutral by 2050

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Speaking at a conference held on 26 June 2018 in Da Nang Viet Nam Garrity claimed that this offsetting could be doubled or even tripled if barriers to the wider adoption of agroforestry practices would be removed. He championed a landscape approach in which farming systems were perennialized at an accelerated rate to achieve sustainable food production. Garrity cited the governments of some African countries that were working together with non-governmental and civil society organizations to restore their landscapes through relatively simple and inexpensive agroforestry practices. Doing the same in Southeast Asia and globally “we could actually for the first time begin to seriously argue that agriculture could become emissions-neutral by 2050” he noted.
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    Celeridad, R.


    Emissions, Agroforestry Development, Greenhouse gases

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