A climate in crisis

A climate
in crisis

Despite clear scientific consensus and a growing youth-led movement, the effects of global heating on ecosystems and human health continue to rise. Since land is both a source and a sink of greenhouse gases, nature-based solutions have the potential to contribute over one-third of the total climate change mitigation needed by 2030.

CIFOR-ICRAF is providing evidence and analysis of how nature-based solutions – such as sustainable forest and wetland management, agroforestry and landscape restoration – can help mitigate climate change and help local people adapt to its effects, while working to help countries meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement.

A climate in crisis: Fast facts

The world is heading towards a global temperature rise of at least 3°C
by the end of the century
23% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are from forestry, agriculture and other land uses
Peatlands are the largest natural carbon store, holding over 550
billion metric tons of carbon



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