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Soil and vegetation laboratory – Lima

Soil and vegetation laboratory – Lima

Soil and vegetation laboratory – Lima

The soil and vegetation laboratory is equipped with facilities to analyse soil and vegetation properties.


The analyses that can be run in the soil laboratory are:

  1. Ammonia and nitrate extraction
  2. Soil and vegetation sample processing (drying, sieving, crushing and mixing)
  3. In vitro incubation
  4. Distilled water production

Analytical equipment

  • Mechanic shakers: Instruments to mix liquid volumes for homogenization (Multi Vortex-Genie 240V)
  • Ovens: Instruments for drying soil and vegetation samples with capacities of 108 L (Memmert UN 110)
  • Distillers: Instrument with tanks capable of producing 4 litres per hour (GFL 2004)
  • Analytical balance

Field sampling equipment

  • GPS (Garmin)
  • Environmental soil sampling kits
  • Soil moisture sensors (ThetaProbe ML2x)
  • Rain gauge (HD 2013-DB Delta Ohm)
  • Forest measuring equipment (compasses, clinometers, barometers, air and soil thermometers, etc.)

Gas chromatography laboratory – Lima

The gas chromatography laboratory is equipped with facilities to analyse soil greenhouse gas (CO₂, CH₄, N₂O) concentrations and fluxes.

Analytical equipment

  • Gas chromatograph:
    An instrument (Clarus® 580, Perkin Elmer) equipped with an electronic capture detector (ECD) for N₂O analysis, a flame ionization detector (FID) for the analysis of CH₄, and a methanizer to convert CO₂ into CH₄ and analyse its quantity with a headspace autosampler (TurboMatrix HS 40, Perkin Elmer).
  • CO₂ analysers:
    Portable infrared gas analysers (EGM-4, PP Systems, USA) to measure soil respiration in situ through a chamber (SCR1, PP Systems) with humidity sensors and soil temperature probes.