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Which Agroforestry for Commercial Perennial Crops and Trees?

Monoculture in full sun conditions was usually recommended in tropical perennials such as coffee, cacao, oil palm and temperate perennials such as fruit trees. Nowadays, associating trees, planted on hedgerows or inside plots, are advocated due to the wide range of ecosystem services that they provide. New concepts and tools are available to help in selecting locally adapted tree species and in analyzing trade-offs between the provision of ecosystem services and societal and farmers’ needs, constraints and preferences. Building on local traditional systems, farmers’ innovations and most recent scientific research, this session aims to explore advances in tropical and temperate agroforestry systems with perennial crops, covering experiences on the complementarity or competition for resources as well as biodiversity conservation, diversification of revenues, avoided deforestation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, soil and landscape restoration, agricultural regeneration, regulation of the water cycle, biocontrol of pests and diseases, and entry point for landscape governance and community resilience.  


Nguyen Mai Phoung



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