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Punyasloke Bhadury

Punyasloke Bhadury completed his M.Sc. from Edinburgh and Ph.D. from Plymouth in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, he did his postdoctoral research from Princeton University, USA. He initially joined as a Faculty in WII Dehradun at the end of 2008 and subsequently moved to IISER Kolkata in 2009. Since 2018 he is a Professor of Biological Sciences in IISER Kolkata. He has also established and leads the Centre for Climate and Environmental Studies, an interdisciplinary centre on earth and environmental sciences with societal relevance in IISER Kolkata. He is the recipient of prestigious SwarnaJayanti Fellowship Award in the area of Earth and Environmental Sciences conferred by Government of India in 2019. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers in international journals. His research interests include biocomplexity of microbial systems including in mangroves, biogeochemical cycling and sea level rise, nature based solutions to ecosystem restoration and developing technologies for biomonitoring of coastal biotopes. One of his technological developments has been commercialized for solid waste management and adopted by several government agencies including the Government of Nagaland. He is the Editor Mentor of Access Microbiology (Microbiology Society, UK), Editor of Geoscience Letters (Springer), Associate Editor of Ecological Solutions and Evidence (John Wiley and British Ecological Society), Journal of Genetics (Springer Nature), Frontiers in Marine Science as well as serves in the Editorial Boards in a number of other journals including Scientific Reports (Springer Nature) and Environmental Research Communications (IOP, United Kingdom). He is a contributing author of the Second World Ocean Assessment Report II of the United Nations. He was the team leader of India’s Arctic Expedition (Winter Phase), 2010 and also was one of the key panelists on climate resilience and coastal adaptation in the recently concluded COP26.