Our approach

Our approach

TOFI’s unique approach aims to pull the right levers in the right ways to bring forth the opportunities for the expansion of the area under trees outside forests that focuses on:

Multi-partner working groups to spearhead state-level expansion

Establishing innovation platforms with multiple stakeholder and multiple sectoral representation to identify opportunities for state-level expansion of the area of trees outside forests.

Bolster the enabling environment

Creating an enabling environment to cut through the information, policy, and economic bottlenecks, thereby fostering investments for expansion of the area under trees outside forests. TOF.

Tailored services and support structures

Developing incubation hubs to provide technical, business, and financial support for microenterprises and people; setting up new tree nurseries and upgrading existing ones for improving access to quality planting material and mainstreaming its standards and accreditation systems; promoting access to technical and market-related information and decision support tools through virtual call centre, online dashboard and smartphone application; and devising incentive mechanisms to promote expansion of areas under trees outside forests.