From project to process: Pitfalls and potential of implementing long-term integrated landscape Approaches

COLANDS Session at the GLF Climate 2021 in Glasgow 6 November 2021

Members of the COLANDS initiative presented research findings from three countries – Ghana, Indonesia and Zambia – during the session “Project to process: The pitfalls and potential of implementing long-term integrated landscapes approaches” held on the sidelines of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021.

The event was part of the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Climate: Frontiers of Change conference 5-7 November 2021, held alongside the climate summit. COLANDS team members discussed findings and answered questions about their work, which aims to help to fill important knowledge gaps with regard to applying Integrated Landscape Approaches (ILA).

COLANDS brings a science-based, yet practical, focus for large-scale work to reconcile livelihood, environmental and biodiversity goals among stakeholders with varied and often conflicting concerns in a shared landscape – all while confronting climate change.