2 - 11 November, Glasgow and online
Indonesia Pavilion

Knowledge platform fits for all: An all-in-one solution to exchange information on tropical peatlands

Hosted by ITPC

As part of the International Tropical Peatland Centre (ITPC)’s role as a centre of excellence for tropical peatland research to support policy, and a collaborative platform for studying and preserving tropical peatland ecosystems, the centre hosts a knowledge portal.

The Peatland Knowledge Portal serves as a go-to place for collaboration and dissemination of information on peatlands. Information on the platform consists of projects, publications, datasets, and other related communications products resulting from peatlands research and projects. All of this information is open-access.

The platform will develop into an access point for finding and sharing information and knowledge on tropical peatlands all over the world, and provide a catalogue and repository to support research on peatlands in a global range of locations and contexts.

This session represents a starting point for a dynamic series of knowledge-sharing sessions on peatland research. The session will cover:

  • challenges and opportunities for setting up a collaborative platform, including milestones;
  • challenges and opportunities to align views from partners and interested parties; and
  • how to gain the interest and commitment of project managers, donors, private companies, and NGOs working on peatlands to collaborate within ITPC networks.

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