Trees and forests: An investment in climate resilience

06 – 18 November 2022, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Forestry research and responses to climate change in the Congo Basin

The forests of the Congo Basin, the second largest tropical forest on the planet after the Amazon, play a major role in regulating regional and global climate. These forests cover southeastern Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, the northern and central Democratic Republic of the Congo, and portions of southern and central Africa.

The protection of these forests through various mitigation initiatives has taken precedence over the adaptation of these ecosystems – a concern for countries in the Congo Basin.

Thus, research programmes on the protection of these forests were started with the support of development partners through climate mitigation actions. REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) is important in the climate agenda of Central African countries. At COP26 in Glasgow, Congo basin countries made a plea for forestry research funding in this part of the world.

Speakers at this session will share research by Central African research centres to conserve Congo Basin forests. The establishment of the Central African Forest Research Network (R2FAC) has been instrumental in developing this partnership and sharing multiple initiatives.