Trees and forests: An investment in climate resilience

06 – 18 November 2022, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Peatland Landscapes and Responses to Climate Change in Central Africa

The value of the peatlands in in the Cuvette Centrale (transboundary between the DRC and the Republic of Congo) was recognized only five years ago. This discovery revealed the large stock of carbon in a particular ecosystem that until then had been a hot spot for biodiversity conservation. In addition to biodiversity conservation concerns, climate protection has become an important issue. These two concerns are of current interest in the management of peatlands for nature and mankind. In addition to the mapping work currently being carried out in the region, in and beyond the Cuvette Centrale, one of the major challenges is to integrate peatland issues into the process of responding to climate change, specifically in adaptation and mitigation policies.

This session aims to take stock and explore ways to better take peatland issues into consideration in the definition and implementation of climate change responses. More specifically, the session will address the status of ongoing mapping activities and efforts to integrate peatlands into climate change response processes in Central Africa.

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