30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Promoting robust sustainable mangrove ecosystems governance

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Mangrove are among the most productive ecosystems on Earth, generating a wide range of environmental goods and services. Sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems may sustain the livelihoods of millions of coastal communities, while coping with climate change mitigation and adaptation, including storing significant amount of carbon and protecting low-lying coastal zones from sea level rise hazardous waves and storm surges.

In the other hand, as a result of ineffective management and rapid coastal land development, mangrove forests are fast decreasing in many tropical regions. Significant worldwide efforts to prevent further mangrove loss and restore damaged mangrove ecosystems have to be well-coordinated among the stakeholders.

Responsive policies, strategic planning followed by active protection of intact mangroves and restoration of degraded areas, with sufficient enabling environment (local communities and women participation, appropriate capacity, strong mangrove governance) will contribute considerably to long-term development and climate action goals.

This session will focus on difficulties related to tropical mangrove conservation, restoration, and management by presenting Indonesia's primary initiatives and implementation strategies aimed at enhancing mangrove ecosystem resilience and social and economic advantages to coastal communities while simultaneously contributing to national and global commitments. It will further explore the blue carbon investments, women’s empowerment in mangrove protection and restoration. It will be wrapped up with policy suggestions to foster cooperation and partnerships in the management of sustainable mangrove ecosystems.


Keynote speaker:

Inge Retnowati, Director of Inland Water and Mangrove Rehabilitation, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Republic of Indonesia
“Governance and Implementation of Mangrove Ecosystem Management in Indonesia”


  1. Hwan-Ok Ma, ITTO Officer in Charge for the Forest Management Division
    “ITTO’s Cooperation on Mangrove: Development of ASEAN Strategy for Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems”
  2. Daniel Murdiyarso, CIFOR-ICRAF Principal Scientist
    “The Need of a Transformative Partnership Platform for Blue Carbon”
  3. Nur Masripatin, Senior Adviser to the Minister of Environment and Forestry
    “Governing Blue Carbon Initiatives to Meet the Emission Reduction Targets under the Nationally Determined Contributions”
  4. Carey Ticoalu, Managing Director of PT. Nusantara Carbon/PT. Kandelia Alam
    “Strategic Sustainable Mangrove Management as an Integrative Ecosystem Improvement in Response to the Impact of Climate Change”
  5. Gesang Setyadi, Vice President Environmental Division, PT. Freeport Indonesia

Moderator: Sheam Satkuru, ITTO Executive Director