30 Nov – 12 Dec 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Accelerating nature-based solutions: Developing awareness and evidence for nature positive futures

Increasing scientific evidence shows the interrelationship between the climate and biodiversity crisis. A long term and integrated approach is required to create a resilient and climate and nature positive future.

This session presents a hopeful perspective of a climate resilient and nature-based future for Europe in 2120 with a focus on the potential of nature-based solutions as an essential part of a cohesive, collaborative approach towards the development of a climate resilient and nature-based future for Europe. It is about how to imagine and design nature positive futures that can help accelerating climate and biodiversity action. Imagining and designing nature-positive futures however requires citizens to be able to imagine, design and think out of the box. How well does our education system equip our future professionals with these abilities? Too often, our curricula are based on outdated growth models and hardly provide space to discover and renew. New educational models are needed to enable future professionals to question these values and find new answers to the challenges they face. Transformative education is a new trend that helps learners and educators to jointly find solutions that are rooted in both science and practice; and that motivates and empowers a new generation of professionals to be agents of change.


Cora van Oosten

Director Capacity Development & Education, CIFOR-ICRAF

Tim van Hattum

Head of Programme, Green Climate solutions, Wageningen University & Research

Kirsten Schuijt

Director General, WWF International

Donné Slangen

Director General of Nature and Fisheries, Netherlands, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Eva Mayerhofer

Head of Environmental Policy Unit, European Investment Bank

Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink

Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, The Netherlands

Aaron Vermeuleun

Global Finance Practice Lead, WWF International